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Million Dollar Arm Family Movie Review

Million Dollar Arm Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for mild language and some suggestive content

Biography | Drama | Sport

Craig Gillespie

Jon Hamm, Aasif Mandvi, Alan Arkin

Walt Disney Pictures

Release Date/In Theaters

Million Dollar Arm Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

The Million Dollar Arm is another Walt Disney Pictures feel good movie about hope and courage. In this story, a sports agent tries to get a cricket player with an excellent arm to play in the major leagues. The story takes the audience to India where a young cricket player impresses the big leagues. This kids movie review thinks that this story puts a new twist on an old plot.
This is a Disney movie that was rated PG, but it does not meant that it is completely free of adult content. There is a scene where the main character kisses several women. It is implied that more than a kiss happens later. There is a scene where a man accidentally walks in on a woman using the bathroom. Nothing is shown, but the idea is there. There are several uses of foul language. The movie does show scenes of smoking and drinking. There is a scene where JB yells at a female character.
For a Disney movie, this one had its share of content that his questionable for the younger members of the family. It is general a feel good movie about being able to achieve anything that one sets out to do. The movie is based on a true story. The agents were out to find players who they could exploit and turn into profits. This is a story of hope and dreams. There is not much to the plot line, but the story has its share of drama.

It is difficult to rate this movie in terms of family friendliness. On one hand, it is a story of hope. One the other hand, it was not made in the most kid-friendly manner. It addresses adult themes and adult situations. The boys learn about themselves as they learn about baseball. Overall, this family movie review thinks that this movie would be a feel good movie for the whole family. It has an educational note, in that is an excellent comparison between modern Indian culture and American culture. This is one of its best redeeming qualities as a family movie.

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