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Man of Steel Family Movie Review

Man of Steel Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, and for some language

Action & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Zack Snyder

Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe

Warner Bros. Pictures

Release Date/In Theaters

Man of Steel Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

            Superman fans will love this updated version of the classic superhero everyone loves. Clark Kent and Lois Lane struggle to save their love affair, while Superman must save the world from total destruction. Young Clark Kent is not like any of his schoolmates. He soon discovers that he has superpowers and is not from Earth. In this coming of age story, he embarks on a journey to discover whom he is and what he came to do. This Parental Guide to the movies thinks this updated movie is a family classic, but with a few cautions.

            There are several scenes where women are seen in cleavage revealing clothing. A baby is seen in several scenes and there were no efforts to hide what is beneath the diaper. It shows a detailed birth scene without showing all the details, but they are suggested. In one scene, a woman talks about measuring men's anatomical features. This is not our parent's Superman. Innocence is lost in this version.

            Many people die in this Superman movie. It has plenty of aliens trying to destroy humanity, a tornado that sweeps a man up while his son watches. The tornado scene may be frightening for those that have seen real tornadoes, or who are frightened by them. There is much mayhem and destruction throughout the entire movie. Blood is seen throughout the movie caused by various forms of alien violence. A woman is picked up by the throat and a man is engulfed in flames. A man is swallowed into a mound of decayed corpses and skulls. This is only the short list of violence, death, and destruction that forms the core of the movie.

            This updated version has its share of foul language too, including numerous mentions of anatomical body parts of both males and females. There is name-calling and demeaning language, as well as derogatory religious references. There is drinking and a bar scene too. This is certainly something that we did not see in the original.

            Parents who take their kids to see this one, thinking it is the mild-mannered classic that they grew up with, might be surprised at the modern character that the superhero has become. This movie is supposed to be for everyone, but this version is a much darker spin than any that have come before it. This Superman is more realistic and more human than the original. Man of Steel creates a type of dynamic tension based on the realistic world that we live in and the events that take place. This may make it a little tool real for some. Clark Kent faces many life and death moral dilemmas that may be too much for those that are sensitive.

            It was good to see that this Superman has ditched the spandex and now no longer wears his underwear on the outside. His suit still sports the famous cape and S on the chest, but it is a high tech version that can do some amazing things. Superman has been reinvented for a modern audience. The plot is still the same for the most part, but this superhero is nothing like the innocent version that we are used to. This parental guide to the movies thinks that parents need to be aware that this Superman may not be as kid friendly as former versions.

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