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Inside Out Family Movie Review

Inside Out Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating
Rated PG

for mild thematic elements and some action

Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Family | Fantasy

Pete Docter, Ronaldo Del Carmen

Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Lewis Black

Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures

Release Date/In Theaters

Inside Out Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger Shelby

Inside Out is an inspirational and creative movie from Pixar. It explores the roller coaster world of childhood emotions. It explores how to name your feelings and examines some familiar childhood problems, such as nightmares. The movie centers on moving away from familiar surroundings and dealing with the emotions involved in starting a new life somewhere else. This kid’s movie review thinks that this is an important work, as it teaches children all about emotions and how to cope with them.

The plot centers on Riley, who is forced to move from the Midwest to San Francisco. She feels a wide range of emotions including joy, fear, anger, disgust, and sadness. All of these emotions are going on at once. She has many mixed feelings as she tries to adjust to a new city, a new house, and a new school. This movie is about learning to cope. It sends the message that whatever you are feeling is normal and it is OK to have these experiences. It teaches children coping skills by modeling appropriate behaviors when dealing with tough emotions.

In terms of being appropriate for all ages, the movie deals with some frightening and traumatic experiences that might be disturbing for younger viewers. Riley struggles to maintain a positive attitude inspite of factors that tend to produce negative feelings. There are some real life themes and scenes in the movie, even though they are cartoon characters. For instance, a toddler in running around the house naked after a bath. Riley has a nightmare that she forgot to wear pants to school. The audience only sees her bare legs. There is some talk about romance and boyfriends. There are some references to puberty.

Some characters are put in danger. Anger often yells. Fear is on the receiving end of violence from anger. It is suggested that a dog is cut in half during a nightmare. Riley’s imaginary boyfriends fall off a cliff. There are jokes about swear words without actually using them. There are some instances of name-calling, using words like crazy, idiot, and stupid. Riley and her parents have some tension, as one finds in most households. The movie addresses phobias and might be too frightening for children with those phobias.

This is an emotionally intense movie and might be too much for some viewers. On the positive side, the movie talks about emotions and how to deal with them effectively. It touches the viewer on an emotional level, which might be too intense for some viewers. This movie should be a PG rating. This family movie review thinks that the emotional level of the individual child should be the guiding factor in whether to see this movie or not.

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