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I, Frankenstein Family Movie Review

I Frankenstein Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for sequences of intense fantasy action and violence throughout

Action | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

Stuart Beattie

Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto

Hopscotch Features

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I, Frankenstein Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

I, Frankenstein, is a dark, goth-style tale about the Frankenstein creature. The creature becomes involved in a war between a clan of gargoyles and a demon clan. This movie is dark and contains violence that is not suitable for children under 13. This is not a kid's movie by this parental guide to the movie's standards.

The plot takes place in an ancient city. This is a twist on the original novel and does not follow the classic tale, except that they borrowed the main character. It seems that Dr. Frankenstein has found a way to allow demons to possess the body of a dead person by animating the body. In this movie, the Frankenstein monster knows of Dr. Frankenstein's plot and must find a way to stop them before they are animated and destroy all of mankind. In this story, the first Frankenstein is a good guy who is out to save the world from the bad Frankensteins that are about to be animated and destroy the world. See, I told you it was a twisted version, loosely based on the original. Meanwhile, a dark queen is out to destroy him so that he cannot foil the plot.

This is a dark story that creates a cold, dark world. There are excellent effects in this dark fantasy for those that enjoy gargoyles and demons. However, it is not one for those under the age of 13. This one will cause nightmares for certain. This movie does place the Frankenstein monster in a predicament where he must make moral choices and come to terms with his own humanity. This one will be a hit with teens that enjoy dark fantasies but it is not intended for all audiences. This is not a kids movie and wrestles with some adult moral dilemmas. The demons are particularly well done in this movie, making them appear frighteningly human. They are demons, but they wear business suits. They have large vampire-like teeth and lizard-like features on their head. I think I may have seen these in childhood nightmares before I saw this movie. This one is not for the easily disturbed. It should be rated somewhere above a PG-13 for the sheer fright factor. You are ready for the zombie apocalypse, but are you ready for the Frankenstein apocalypse?

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