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Home Run Family Movie Review

Home Run Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for some mature thematic material

Drama, Sports

David Boyd

Scott Elrod, Dorian Brown, Charles Henry Wyson, Vivica A. Fox

Samuel Goldwyn Films

Release Date/In Theaters

Home Run Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

Batter up! Home Run makes its pitch just in time for summer fun, this movie tells a story of redemption that this parental guide to the movies thinks will be a hit. In terms of family friendliness, this movie tackles some tough themes but still manages to keep it suitable for the kids. Home Run is a movie that cannot be analyzed according to themes and content, but must be taken as a whole in determining its value and suitability for your family.

The movie takes a contemporary topic from the world of sports and creates a fiction story that is based on hope and the promise of redemption.  Pro ballplayer, Cory, was at the top of his game until he developed a substance abuse problem that sent his career for a nosedive.  As a condition of being allowed to continue to play baseball, he had to attend a 12-step rehab program in his hometown. Usually any movie that contains content surrounding drugs and alcohol receives a word of caution to parents, but this Home Run movie is different.

This movie does have scenes of drinking and alcohol, but they are presented as the pitfalls and obstacles that the main character must overcome.  He must beat his addictions in order to keep playing the sport that he loves.  All areas of the main characters life are affected by his alcohol addiction and he finds himself and the state of ruin because of it.  Corey must climb his way out of the grips of his addiction to regain his dignity and rebuild his life.  In this movie alcohol addiction is the enemy to be overcome. Cory is painted as a hero who must rise up to beat this foe. Alcohol and drugs are painted as bad in this movie. It shows the bad things that can happen because of them. It offers a warning to stay away from them. This is what makes the Home Run movie different from others in the treatment of that theme.

On the journey to beating his addiction, Corey finds new hope and inspiration when he takes on a coaching position for a down and out little league team.  Through coaching the team, Cory is able to find hope and the strength to beat his addiction for good. The Home Run movie is about overcoming problems and the will to rise out of the ashes.  The portrayal of alcohol in this movie sends a positive message, or at least one most parents would want their children to hear and probably have said a million times themselves.  This movie shows how alcohol addiction destroys lives, with the underlying message that going down that road in the first place is a big mistake. 

This drama is inspiring and would make an excellent family movie because of the positive message that it sends.  The main message that the Home Run movie sends is that alcohol ruins lives, but that through inner strength and faith it is possible to recover and have a good life once again.  The script has many opening points for discussion about alcohol, addiction, and finding the strength within.  This family movie review thinks Home Run is a hit for the whole family, but maybe not the little ones.  The overall theme and opportunity for discussion makes it an excellent choice for spring training.

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