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The Croods Movie Review

The Croods Trailer

movie review rating guide for parents and families

MPAA Rating

for some scary action


Kirk De Micco, Chris Sanders

Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke

Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox

Release Date/In Theaters

Croods Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

The Croods is about the world’s first prehistoric family.  It is also about the world’s first family road trip.  The Croods must go on a trip in uncharted territory and in the process discover a fantastic world.  The family must embark on their journey because their cave has been destroyed.  This family movie review thinks that you are in for some family delights as you accompany this family of cavemen and women into the future.

            The Croods movie goes beyond the basic animation for a cartoon movie.  It explores a conflict between traditional and modern caveman values.  The old traditional caveman is against curiosity and a quest to discover anything new and different.  The father tells a story about a young cave woman that decides to go outside the cave in search of something new and different.  In the end of the story he ends it by slapping a hand against the wall leaving a red hand cave painting.  He warned his children not to go outside of the cave.  Of course, there is always one in every bunch who has to see for himself what lies beyond the cave walls.  This is exactly what happened.  The family’s cave gets destroyed by an earthquake. There are many dinosaur and danger scenes that may be too scary for the very young.

            Now the family must journey in search of a new home.  They discover there that there is an exciting, beautiful, and dangerous world outside of the cave.  The family stays together and they survive by depending on each other.  The animation and artwork in the Croods film is spectacular.  This movie is cute and the adults will probably enjoy it just as much as the kids. The Croods is bound to be the next Disney classic in your child’s growing video library.  This parental guide to the movies feels that the Croods will be an excellent and fun movie for the entire family to enjoy together.

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