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42 Family Movie Review

42 Trailer

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MPAA Rating

for thematic elements including language


Brian Helgeland

Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford, Alan Tudyk

Warner Bros. Pictures

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42 Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

Just in time for spring training 42 hits the big screen with the real life story of Jackie Robinson and his famous signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers.  This is one baseball fans young and old will not want to miss.  If you love baseball, you will love this one. If you are not particularly a baseball fan, you may still find yourself entranced by this movie. This is a realistic portrayal of the life and times of Jackie Robinson. It is an accurate historical account and may contain some content that some parents may find inappropriate in a movie for kids. This family movie guide can help you decide if 42 is right for your family.

The 42 movie received a PG-13 rating for thematic elements and language. There are as many foul words as foul balls in some parts of the movie. This is about men butting heads not only on the ball field, but in the locker rooms too. Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia in 1919. His family sharecropped on a farm. The thematic elements in the movie that are of concern involve the treatment of blacks by whites. The movie is an accurate portrayal of the prejudice that was rampant in the south at that time.

Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in a sport that had previously been an all-white sport. After Robinson's stint in the Army, he played one season in the Negro Baseball League. In 1947 Branch Rickey approached Robinson to join the Brooklyn Dodgers, an all white team. This is where the story in the movie picks up. It goes into a little bit about Robinson's childhood and history, particularly surrounding racial issues. However, it focuses on the time when he was being recruited and signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers.

The movie centers on racial prejudice and racial violence. Jackie Robinson knew that he would face racial prejudice, violence and many hardships. He had to demonstrate the willpower to rise above it and not fight back. He had to show the guts to take it and rise above it…and as we all know…he did. Jackie Robinson had to break racial barriers by focusing on the sport, not a person's skin color. Although the movie does contain many scenes of racial violence and abuse, its overall theme is on the power to rise above it. The 42 movie makes the point clear that it takes more guts to not fight back, than to lower yourself to the level of the bullies.

This family movie review agrees with the PG-13 rating for the 42 movie. The movie does have rampant racial prejudice, violence and language, but it has an overall theme that the way to win is to not fight back and to rise above it. It uses a very negative subject to communicate a very positive overriding theme. Jackie Robinson's ability to use his skills to break the racial barriers in the sport of baseball made history and paved the way to eventually tear them down for good. This movie has social value for children who are old enough to understand the themes in the movie. This movie could be a great conversation starter for families. If you have children that are old enough, take them to see it. Be sure to go early though, you can be sure that the line for peanuts, hot dogs, and Cracker Jacks may be long.

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