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Hugo - Family Movie Review

MPAA Rating

for mild thematic material, some action/peril and smoking


Martin Scorsese

Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen, Asa Butterfield, Jude Law, Christopher Lee

Paramount Pictures

Release Date/In Theaters

Hugo Movie Summary

A young orphan living in a Paris train station uncovers a mystery that may change his life in an adaptation of Brian Selznick's stunning children's book.

Hugo Family Movie Review for Parents

-by Ginger

Hugo takes place in the 1930s. This movie tells the story of a young orphan who lives in the walls of a train station in Paris. He becomes embroiled in a mystery that involves his father and a mysterious invention, which turns out to be a robot. This timeless tale is based on the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. You might have seen your fourth or fifth grader toting it around in their book bags or fretting about a book report for this one. The first warning about family movie reviews based on books is that, no, they cannot just watch the movie and write the book report. There are some major plot differences between the movie and the book, and no, you will not find them here. You will have to read the book AND see the movie in order to find them yourself. This is one case where the teacher will definitely know if you did your book report from the movie and not the book. Now, on with the family movie review.

            Hugo’s father is killed in a house fire, leaving him an orphan. Hugo finds a way to live and survive very well in a busy train station. He tries not to get caught, fearing that he will be sent to an orphanage, an awful place from what he has heard. A wonderful invention of his father’s is discovered. Hugo convinces another inventor to try to make it work, hoping that it will bring him some connection with his father. This is a wonderful adventure that takes children from 9 to 90 on a wonderful ride.

            The movie was rated a PG instead of a G because of several violent and disturbing scenes. Hugo’s father dies in a fire at his house. Hugo almost gets killed by a train. Hugo must run away from a guard who almost grabs his shoulder and take him to an orphanage. Hugo does go to jail and is very worried that he will have to go to an orphanage, a prospect that he does not want. Hugo does steal some items from a toy booth. There are several scenes that young children might find very frightening. The disturbing scenes would be on the same level as Harry Potter movies.

            Family movie reviews around the county must all be asking themselves if Martin Scorsese can really make a children’s movie. This is Scorsese’s first PG film in 18 years and there are those who have doubts that he can pull it off. Those who are fans of Scorsese films know to expect nothing but perfection from him, regardless of the genre or the story line. This film does not disappoint. This is a delightful family movie that will be sure to be an afternoon of 3D fun at the matinee. At one point Hugo asks, “Do you want to have an adventure?” My answer is yes, go see the movie, it is delightful. Who says happy endings only happen in the movies?

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