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family trip to Pawleys Island South Carolina

Stories from our family trip to Pawley's, Island NC

by Gina and Bryce

We love making our annual trip to Pawley’s Island. Its extra special when the grandparents and extended family come along to share a cottage with us on the beach. The perfect place to unwind, adventure, and cook lots of great food. Everyone gets to do what they want, sleep-in or get up early to watch the sun rise. A walk on the beach or go crabbing with the kids. Click on the link below to read our vacation stories and memories. Read more about our family trip to Pawley's Island

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To all adult sufferers of Childhood Anxiety Road Travel Response Involuntary Panic (C.A.R.T.R.I.P.)— there’s hope!

by Michael

Or known more famously as “Are We There Yet Syndrome?” I admit to having this affliction, and to not looking forward to extended family car trips. It’s a condition passed down from generation to generation. I grew up in the age before deregulated air travel, and the term “road trip” had yet developed its current cultural cachet. The novel “On The Road” was long lost to the beatnik-era. Plus my parents were more of the “Grapes of Wrath” mentality. “Road Trip” just meant a really, really long car ride. Read more about the family road trip, Are We There Yet Syndrome

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Prospecting Gold for Family Fun

by Ginger

The discovery of gold was important in the history of the United States. Early discovers came here to try to tap into the rich resources of the new land, of which one of the most sought after was gold. Now, gold prospecting is gentler and kinder than it was in the days of old. Now, it is a fun activity that my family loves to enjoy. Many weekends, you will find us in a remote, undisclosed area at a camp with other families, panning the creek for the tiny flecks of precious metal. Active families often have trouble finding something new and different to try with their kids. Gold prospecting appeals to active families. Ideas on planning a fun, family vacation, prospecting gold.

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Have A Happy Staycation!

by Ginger

When planning a family vacation, everyone wants to maximize their fun and minimize their cash outlay. Many family vacations involve long road trips, hotels, plane fair, and other expenses. The expenses and time commitment add up and soon the family vacation turns into a strain for Mom and Dad, which can ruin everyone’s fun. Couple this with a long trip to the chorus of, “Are We There Yet?” or “99 Glasses of Milk on the Wall,” and a long trip grows even longer. Everyone is already frazzled and the “vacation” has only just started. This problem used to plague our family until we discovered a different way to vacation. Discover our ideas for a happy staycation.

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child in stroller on vacation

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kids in back seat of a car ready for a family road trip

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