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Wholesale Baby Clothes

No one wants their child raised by the television, but sometimes the TV is the only way to keep a child occupied. So when it comes down to TV time it’s better to not leave their entertainment to what’s on all the networks. With so few quality shows for children on TV many moms are discovering the benefits of educational children’s DVDs.

Studies have actually shown that the right DVDs can actually improve brain development and learning in children. So how do you know if your child will truly benefit from an educational DVD? The first thing to consider is the subject matter. Programs are available to teach children a wide range of topics from math and science skills, music, colors and shapes, even foreign languages.

Baby DVDs are designed to attract Baby’s attention with bright colors and fun music. The concepts in these videos are usually basic and cover topics like colors, shapes, and physical movement (dance baby dance!) A popular brand of baby DVDs is the award winning series Baby Einstein.
Toddlers can also benefit from educational DVDs. The ages of one to three is the perfect time to introduce the child to other languages and to teach social skills like sharing and manners. There are even programs for potty training.

When selecting DVDs for children parents should look at the content rating, the subject matter, and the recommended appropriate age for the show. Some DVDs will have animation, some use puppets and a few are live action. Get to know what your child prefers most to keep their attention.

While it’s never a good idea to leave a child propped in front of the TV day in and day out, educational DVDs can buy Mom some time and help calm overly energetic kids. Traveling with children can also go much more smoothly with a portable DVD player and a few of their favorites and kids who tend to act up with babysitters may actually sit down for a fun program.

Parents looking to teach their children about faith can easily find Christian and Jewish programs for their kids. These programs not only illustrate stories from the Bible but they also teach values and morals in an entertaining manner.

Many children’s shows feature animals. This not only educates children about other species, but it sparks the imagination (what would Rover say if he could talk?) Kids love acting as their favorite animals, crawling around and emitting the occasional roar!

DVDs that emphasize physical activity are also very important. The child obesity rates in the United States are on the climb. Combat the couch potatoe syndrome and pop in a show that encourages the child to get up and move. These DVDs are more than just an exercise program, they can teach dance and even other educational concepts like math and language through movement.

Parents often feel guilty when the place their child in front of the TV for entertainment but the guilt can be eased when they provide their children with quality programming. Take advantage of the pull that TV can have on kids and show them something worth watching!