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Parental Controls > Navigating Social Media and Social Media Controls

Parents Lying to Gain Online Access for their Kids
on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace

by Allison

Parents wait until their children are one to introduce whole milk; wait until they are two to introduce peanuts and wait until the age of four to use booster seats. So waiting until your child is 13 before launching their own Facebook page shouldn’t be a problem, right?

But instead, many parents are helping children create Facebook pages and Twitter accounts by lying about their child’s birth year in order to meet online social network organizations’ minimum requirement to be...

Read more about the age requirements for Facebook, Twitter and MySpace social media sites.


girl texting with smartphoneThe 411 on Social Media:

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), social media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and texting has developed into a language all its own. Would you know what your child was saying if they typed WE or YYSSW? Just FYI, these refer to the popular teen phrases
>Read more about the social media texting language

Parental Computer and Television Controls:

For good or bad, technology is becoming more and more prevalent in every area of our life. Children are being exposed to it more and more, and at incredibly young ages. By all measures, our 13-year old boy is a smart, responsible, well-behaved teenager—
>Read about parental controls

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computer controlsBalancing Trust and Technology with Your Kids

Technology is intended to help expedite and simplify daily functions and operations. As a parent with two young boys, I would beg to differ!. > Read about trusting kids with technology

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TV Ratings GuideYour Guide to Television Ratings

While your child’s favorite TV shows may evolve over time, the TV rating guidelines stay the same. This easy-to-use system is designed to help you decide which programs are a go and which are a no.
> About the TV ratings

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Other topics:

Internet Parental Controls

Dangers of Internet Predators

Computer Game Ratings

Click here for more info on the V-Chip and Internet Filters.



How to Protect Your Child from Inappropriate Websites
The children are ready to play online, but WAIT, have you protected them from websites that are inappropriate for their ages? Did you know that some adult-only websites have addresses that are just one letter different from children’s websites?
How to protect kids from adult-only websites


The Scoop on V-Chip and Television Controls:
Did you know that you can electronically control what you child watches on T.V.
Guide to the V-Chip and Parental Controls