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Car seats

Keeping your child safe is the top concern among all parents. The car can be the most dangerous place for a child, that’s way having the right car seat is so important. The seat must be the right kind for the child and it must also be in the correct position.

Which seat to choose depends on the size of the child. An infant seat is for babies that weigh less than thirty to thirty-five pounds. The seats are designed to be used in the rear-facing position only. They can attach to a stroller if they are part of a travel system. They are also handy because they can serve as an infant carrier.

A convertible seat is rear facing for the first thirty to thirty five pounds and then converts to a forward facing toddler seat. A combination seat is a forward facing toddler seat with a five point harness that becomes a booster seat when the child reaches forty pounds and four years old.

The booster seat is for children forty to eighty pounds. It works in conjunction with the shoulder and lap belts in the car. A child may sit in the car without a seat or booster when they have reached the right size for the seat belts, which is a height of at least four feet nine inches and eighty pounds.

A child should be in the rear facing position until they are at least twenty pounds and a year old but the AAP recommends keeping the child rear facing until they have reached the weight limits of the seat as an added precaution. Once the child is ready for a forward facing seat then a seat with a five point harness should be used.

It’s critical to always follow the height and weight recommendations for car seats. The seats are designed to handle a certain proportion and a child outside of these measurements will not be safe or fully protected.

If a car seat is involved in a car accident then the seat must be replaced. Minor fender benders withholding, if a seat has taken any kind of impact the structure and restraints may have been compromised.

It’s also wise to register the car seat right after it has been purchased. This enables the company to be able to contact you in case of a recall. Car seat recalls happen often for various reasons so if you haven’t registered your seat you should check the national recall list periodically.

It’s crucial that the car seat is properly installed. Follow the directions carefully. Many local hospitals or health departments have free car seat inspection stations. At these stations they check to make sure the seat is properly installed, that the restraints fit the child snugly, and that the seat is in the right position. In most states it is actually a law that the infant cannot be taken from the hospital unless they are in an approved car seat that has been checked off by a nurse.

Car seats can be expensive but unfortunately they are a necessity. Parents can save themselves money by taking note of the size limits. Most children can get away with having only two seats: an infant seat and then a combination seat. Many local governments have programs that can help supply car seats to those families who are struggling; usually the health department will be able to direct the family to the proper resources.

By Brand

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Safety and Other Info

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