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Baby Beach Gear

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Baby Beach Gear

Baby Beach Gear

At first thought, many wouldn’t think a baby needs much to enjoy the beach but the truth is babies are sensitive to the sun and they also need special diapers for use in the water. And don’t forget the toys!

Babies have very delicate skin and need a high SPF and plenty of shade to stay protected. Sunscreens designed for babies are hypo-allergenic to prevent uncomfortable rashes. It’s crucial for parents to use proper sun protection otherwise babies can be critically burned. Also, be sure to read the fine print as most sunscreen is not recommended for babies under six months of age. Protective sunwear or often called rash guard swim clothing is now available for babies and offer protection from the sun.

When Baby is ready for splashing in the water, baby beach gear can make it a safe event. Babies need swimming diapers to keep out the water and to prevent their messes from floating free. Also baby floats give the baby a gentle way to enjoy the waves (with supervision of the parents of course.) Look for a float that fully supports the baby and some even have canopies for additional sun protection.

Read about the latest FDA regulations regarding sunscreen labels in our healthy and green living section for parents. Then, shop Parental Guide for protective swimwear for babies and all of your baby beach gear needs.